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Cheapest Way to Prevent Windshield from Fogging up

Prevent Windshield from Fogging up

Prevent Windshield from Fogging up

Fog or condensation on glasses or windshield is most likely to occur during colder winter (or spring and autumn) months and usually in the morning hours when temperatures are cooler.

The reason for fog from glasses or car windows is that: When the warm air meets a cold surface, water can condense and settle onto it. And just like a cloud, too much moisture settling leads to water accumulation that needs to go somewhere.

In this article, I will tell you a anti fog solution to prevent glasses from fogging, anti Fog for glasses.

How to keep glasses from fogging

Tools:    A dry towel,

Dishwashing liquid or dishwashing soap(must be liquid)

Step: anti fogging

1.       Apply proper amount of detergent on the towel, smear evenly.

2.     Using that detergent towel to smear your glasses or windshield (in one direction).

Work completed.

Now you can enjoy your life in winter without glasses fogging or windshield fogging up. Remember to smear your window again after washing your car.

Above all is the cheapest way to keep glasses from fogging. Do not hesitate, just have a try to equip your glasses for no-fog inside.

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